Long-term benefits of dog ownership in childhood: Effects on stress and social behavior

Principal Investigator

Kristen Jacobson, PhD


Dr. Kristen Jacobson at The University of Chicago is conducting a research study exploring how childhood experiences with people and animals affect behavior and physiology. As part of the study, you will be asked to interact with a certified therapy dog. You will be paid up to $10 per hour for this study, which requires you to make 2 visits to the University of Chicago Medical Center. Each visit will take approximately 2.5 hours. We will reimburse you for travel to the University.


  • Between the ages of 18-25
  • NOT currently living with a dog or cat
  • Meet other eligibility requirements as outlined by the research protocol


    2 visits.


    $10 an hour, over the course of the study.


    Call: (773) 834-4457

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