Are You Quick To Anger?


Event Related Synchronization of Theta Frequency Band EEG during Viewing of Emotional Faces

Principal Investigator

Royce Lee, M.D.

Study Description

Dr. Royce Lee at The University of Chicago is conducting a research study. In this study, we are investigating how brain waves change in response to emotional images and how to measure emotion related brain activity so that treatments may be improved for the benefit of future patients. Participants will receive a confidential, no-cost, behavioral evaluation to see if they qualify to enter the study. Each visit will take up to 6 hours to complete and involves having up to 2 EEGs performed while viewing a series of facial images. Participants may receive up to $190 over the course of the study. Secure parking is available at no cost.


  • Men and women who have problems with anger that lead to trouble with family, friends, or co-workers

  • Between the ages of 18 and 55.

  • Meet other eligibility requirements as outlined by the research protocol

    Duration of study

    1-3 visits


    $190 over course of study.


    Call: (773) 834-4022

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